The forgotten art of letter writing

In a fast paced ever evolving world dominated by technology, there’s something intensely personal about receiving a letter. It conveys an importance and gravity that’s impossible to replicate in an email or text message. It is a personal form of communication, that reflects an element of the writer therein.

Throughout the pandemic, there were countless examples of those unable to meet turning to the written form to connect with those that they were unable to see, touch and hug. Letters become treasured possessions, often kept as a final connection to someone that has long since left our lives.

Whilst business communication may be a drier subject, it’s no less important. There is a time and a place for communicating via email and telephone – even text message or instant messenger – there are some things that require the use of a letter. That letter represents your business, your values and underscores the manner in which you care for your customers, clients and families.

Ensuring consistency of tone, the inclusion of the right amount of detail and making sure that every last ‘t’ is crossed and ‘i’ dotted is as important as making the right impression in your funeral home or office. Our Correspondence Manager is designed to help you and your business communicate in your style and tone.

Utilising a bespoke Microsoft Word add-on, you can create and curate your letters without incurring report writing or development fees, or having to rely on generic one-size-fits-all drafts. You can ensure that your unique tone of voice is consistent across all of your communications, whilst saving time in drawing information already entered and stored within eFD.

A well written letter in this age of email stands out; with your company information and contact details, it can become a reference source for others. Let us help you to ensure that your letters match the quality of your service.