Logistics and Fleet Management

Time is a Funeral Director’s most precious resource. Our logistics & fleet management solutions use automation to help you get your people and vehicles in the right place, at the right time.

Our intelligent automation populates Microsoft Outlook compatible calendars to book appointments, chapel commitments, funerals, and community events, as well as automatically allocating available vehicles and people to those appointments.

The integrated Fleet Diary allows you to quickly and easily manage your fleet, and book servicing or maintenance for vehicles so only the vehicles you have available are free to allocate to funeral services or tasks.

See how your fleet is utilised with our intuitive reporting dashboards.  Containing the data you need to make both short and long term business decisions, feel confident to make changes to fleet makeup, and know when is the right time to hire. 

Finally, we understand the complexities of a busy funeral home. Our personal tracking allows you and everyone in your business to know in real-time the location and current status of the deceased person, from the time they enter your funeral home until they leave your care.