Business Partner & Supplier Management

Customer choice is paramount to quality funeral services, but ever increasing numbers of suppliers can lead to confusion and errors in finance administration.

Our Business Partner & Supplier Management tools allow you to control who your suppliers and partners are. Role and permissions based users allow you to control and monitor partner entries, saving time in managing duplicate entries.

Our automated purchase order function, allows you to create and monitor purchase orders as you require them enabling you to manage and control your relationship with suppliers.

What our clients say

“Overall, eFD has revolutionised the way we work without requiring too much adaptation of our ways! Very happy with the intuitive way that data is captured, displayed and used in progressing a funeral from initial enquiry through delivery.”

Creating time to care

Improve your team’s efficiency

Centralise reporting and insight

Feel confident making decisions

Drive business growth

Funeral Partner & Supplier Features

Secure & compliant

eFD's secure and GDPR compliant functionality provides a trusted way of recording and managing your third-party suppliers in a single, centralised system.

Role based permissions

eFD's role based permission structure helps you control your business critical information and minimise errors and discrepancies. Set user types and permissions for different departments and staff types across multiple locations.

Automate purchase orders

Use our automated purchase order function to create and monitor purchase orders. Our system also integrates with invoicing and accounting software, ensuring you have cost control and and end-to-end view of outgoings.

End-to-end CRM

Manage your supplier list in a single CRM to ensure contact details are easily available and all supplier details are associated with a unified supplier record.

eFD integration partners

Optimise your funeral management with smart automation

Save time

eFDs' clever automated workflows reduce the administrative burden creating more time to care for your clients.

Increase visibility

Gain a deeper understanding of your business with our easy to use reporting dashboards to automatically review critical business information.

Create a single source of truth

Manage all your business information in a single platform. eFD integrates with multiple external platforms to ensure all of your data is available in one place.