In a world that demands more and more in ever shorter periods of time, eFD from Seker is designed to give Funeral Directors more time to care. 


Our complete funeral home administration and management software combines automated processes, intelligent learning and industry expertise to reduce the burden of administration whilst ensuring consistent quality of presentation and product. From first call to aftercare – eFD is the natural choice for Funeral Directors.


Funeral Management

eFD provides comprehensive funeral management. From first call to follow up call, it utilises an intuitive assistant to make managing the funeral easier.

Business Partner & Supplier Management

Customer choice is paramount to quality funeral services, but ever increasing numbers of suppliers can lead to confusion and errors in finance administration.

Logistics and Fleet Management

Time is a Funeral Director’s most precious resource.

Client Communication Centre

Managing communication with clients is a critical function for any funeral director.

Aftercare activity coordination

eFD coordinates aftercare activity for funeral and non-funeral actions.

Numbers speak

eFD has been developed by Seker Tech Ltd, a joint venture between leading UK software company Red River Software and CPJ Field & Co, a 10th generation family owned funeral directors. 

10000 +
arranged & managed funerals
Already being used to arrange and manage thousands of funerals.
Increased from 10,000+ in 2019.
Years Of Development

eFD benefits from a unique blend of cutting edge development skills and in-depth funeral specific knowledge.

100 +
Active users
With an active test environment with many users to ensure top performance.
Increased from 100+ in 2019.


“I find eFD to be a great asset not only when arranging funerals but also for arranging interment of ashes and memorials.  I like to add as much information as possible which enables the templates, emails and letters to be easily populated and are easy to personalise.

I particularly like the messaging facility as this keeps communication in one place. I often wonder how I managed before eFD was introduced and would highly recommend.”

Sue Glasgow​
Funeral Arranger
Jonathan S.
Jonathan S.
Douch Family Funeral Directors Say ☺The ability to seamlessly integrate our accounts package (Xero) to eFD in real-time. To host the software cloud based so it can be accessed from anywhere and by all staff. To talk automatically to our Client's Web based Memoriam Portal via eFD's API. To be able to provide personalised correspondence to the client in a an easy to use editable format. The intuitive way the software leads the Funeral Director through funeral arrangement journey. The ability to review the up-to-date status of a funeral, at any time. ☹It took a little time to understand the setting up procedure. Once we fully understood how the suppliers, products, contacts and documents worked within eFD, all became clear, however a little time consuming.
Simon W.
Simon W.
Simon says! Overall, the product has revolutionised the way we work without requiring too much adaptation of our ways! Going forward, once we manage to integrate with an accounting package we will be able to take full advantage of its features. ☺The intuitive way that data is captured, displayed and used in progressing a funeral from initial enquiry through delivery. ☹Understanding and setting up products, suppliers and contacts, which is fiddly and repetitive. It also requires an acceptance that it will replace, or at least duplicate, your sales ledger. Once this is accepted its 'ways' become easier to understand.