Funeral Management

eFD provides comprehensive funeral management. From first call to follow up call, it utilises an intuitive assistant to make managing the funeral easier. 

Enquiries can be converted into arrangements at the touch of a button, with a full suite of client correspondence automatically populated and updated as you add more information to a client’s account. 

A smart checklist serves as a useful reminder for actions outstanding, and can also function as a tool for you or your managers to check on the progress of your team’s arrangements.

Improve efficiency and reduce time-consuming data entry with our growing number of 3rd party integrations. Accounting platform integrations allow you to export your financial data in real-time straight into your favourite accounting software, and card payment provider integrations allow taking of payments in person or online using ePDQ technology.

Gain a deeper understanding of your business with our reporting dashboards. Monitor performance across your business from its day-to-day operations to its long-term financial performance, with metrics that truly matter. Focus-in on performance indicators such as call conversion rates, and dive deeper into advanced debtor management. Find the insights that can drive significant improvements to your operations and profitability, all available within our easy-to-use interface.