Mortuary Management

At Seker, we understand that caring for the dead is a funeral directors’ main priority. Being able to efficiently manage the quality of care and the next step in the process is essential

LAUNCHED - February 2022

eFD’s mortuary management dashboard allows you to manage the preparation of the deceased person, keep up to date with how many people are in your care whilst highlighting where priorities should be focused next

The intuitive way that data is captured, displayed and used in progressing a funeral from initial enquiry through delivery. Overall, eFD has revolutionised the way we work without requiring too much adaptation of our ways!


Simon Welham​ Managing Director

Mortuary Management Features

Track capacity

eFD’s intuitive tracking capabilities allows you to track your mortuary capacity at the click of a button giving you the option to look across multiple sites or filter the view by location

Manage preparation

With eFD’s real time tracking of the deceased person’s location you can seamlessly monitor and manage the preparation of the deceased people in your care

Highlight priorities

The smart mortuary dashboard gives you a clear overview of the status of everyone in your care and highlights where priorities should be focused next; giving you back valuable time to support your clients during their time in need

Our Integration partners

Optimise your funeral management with smart automation

Save time

eFDs' clever automated workflows reduce the administrative burden creating more time to care for your clients.

Increase visibility

Gain a deeper understanding of your business with our easy to use reporting dashboards to automatically review critical business information.

Create a single source of truth

Manage all your business information in a single platform. eFD integrates with multiple external platforms to ensure all of your data is available in one place.