Why choose eFD?

eFD is a smart, intuitive and feature-rich platform, created by a team that combines forward-thinking industry expertise with the latest in software development. It will deliver value to your funeral business every day, empowering you to:

  • Improve you and your team’s efficiency
  • Cultivate stronger customer relationships
  • Minimise accounting errors and discrepancies
  • Centralise reporting and insight
  • Feel confident making business decisions
  • Drive business growth

The platform doesn’t just look great; it offers powerful tools, reporting and integrations to transform your operations, and being cloud-based, is accessible to you and your wider team wherever you are, whenever you need it.

Our intuitive customer lifecycle technology, built from in-depth sector knowledge, takes the pain out of administration, contact management and aftercare. We integrate with major accounting and memorial packages, and there’s more to come as we provide our clients with the tools and functionality they’re requesting.

You will benefit from setup assistance, training and access to new product functionality, and we’ll be there every step of the way as you onboard eFD and make it part of your business, giving yourself and your team back time to care.

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Jonathan S.
Jonathan S.
Douch Family Funeral Directors Say ☺The ability to seamlessly integrate our accounts package (Xero) to eFD in real-time. To host the software cloud based so it can be accessed from anywhere and by all staff. To talk automatically to our Client's Web based Memoriam Portal via eFD's API. To be able to provide personalised correspondence to the client in a an easy to use editable format. The intuitive way the software leads the Funeral Director through funeral arrangement journey. The ability to review the up-to-date status of a funeral, at any time. ☹It took a little time to understand the setting up procedure. Once we fully understood how the suppliers, products, contacts and documents worked within eFD, all became clear, however a little time consuming.
Simon W.
Simon W.
Simon says! Overall, the product has revolutionised the way we work without requiring too much adaptation of our ways! Going forward, once we manage to integrate with an accounting package we will be able to take full advantage of its features. ☺The intuitive way that data is captured, displayed and used in progressing a funeral from initial enquiry through delivery. ☹Understanding and setting up products, suppliers and contacts, which is fiddly and repetitive. It also requires an acceptance that it will replace, or at least duplicate, your sales ledger. Once this is accepted its 'ways' become easier to understand.