This month’s Every Day Hero

Congratulations to Maria Strudwick from CPJ Field & Co. Ltd – nomination received from Emma Tipler.

“Maria is an embalmer who has worked for the funeral industry for many years. She has always gone the extra mile to ensure that clients are able to visit their loved ones prior to their funerals, but during the covid-19 pandemic, she has really made a huge difference.

Maria has given to people what nobody else is able to do. She provides them with the opportunity to say goodbye. In times when families have been denied the opportunity to visit loved ones in hospitals, care homes and hospices, Maria has been able to give people that precious chance to say last words of goodbye and hold a hand that they have been denied the chance to do for so long.

She has been extremely busy during the pandemic, but always has time for everyone’s requests, will go above and beyond to make sure that families are able to visit as quickly as they can and will always communicate regularly with funeral directors to enable us to manage expectations.”