Creating time to care – one step at a time​

The concept of marginal gain theory is not new. Former Team GB cycling and Team Sky principal, Sir Dave Brailsford, famously applied it in his world beating team preparation. He created a system of continuous improvement, breaking down each component element of riding a bike, and improving it, 1% at a time. Sure, each element on its own was almost unnoticeable, but when taken together – they made a huge impact and the success of the individuals and teams he led speaks for itself.  But what has this got to do with funeral service?

We know that funeral directors are selfless, committed people who routinely step forward when others step back. You prioritise others over yourselves, to be available whenever your clients need you – even at 3 o’clock on a cold, wet morning. It’s understandable because looking after the arrangements for a person’s funeral is an honour – and huge responsibility. 

We know that your most precious commodity is your time. Time spent in the office or on repetitive form filling and administration is time that could be spent caring for clients.

That’s why at Seker we invoked our inner Brailsford when we designed eFD. We’ve worked tirelessly to find ways in which to give you back time. Time to spend with families, time to spend with colleagues, or time for you. Every process is designed to save you time, whilst ensuring the utmost accuracy.

From taking and entering first call details, a simple click of a button creates a funeral arrangement, utilising the information you’ve already entered. Creating documents, letters, emails and the completion of forms, is just one button away. By automating repetitive processes and providing you with clear, easy to understand status updates, eFD saves you from having to check through forms, diaries and files. Providing a single point of reference for your staff saves you from having to switch between diaries, systems and views.

We know on their own, each of these 1% steps is barely noticeable – but when taken together, they make a huge difference; for you and your clients.

Let us help you create more time to care in your business – contact us for a full demonstration.